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D-Rose is D-Show!

 Thats right.  Derrick Rose has officially got me back into Bulls basketball 100%.  Salmons and Gordon had some part in this and beating the Celtics in Game 1 didn't hurt - But D-Rose is a reason to watch the Clippers games next year!  Not that the everyday roster of garbage that we have been streaming along for the past 10 years (really?) hasn't kept my attention during The Pete Myers era Clippers games, but this kid is exciting!  He reminds me of a 6'1" Lebron!  He has the same body control and his style is rediculously similiar. 

I would just like to say to anyone who still thinks the NBA is boring and stupid, "WATCH DERRICK ROSE."  I promise a good time and at least one ,"How'd he do that?" moment and one, "No f*^^**' way!" moment. 

What he did today against the Celtics was downright extraordinary.  36 Points Pasing Jordan and Chamberlain and tying Jabbar? I dont care if it is an obscure, "Points in First Playoff Game as a Rookie," category.  To be even hinted at in a conversation with names like that in it should at least get an eyebrow raise. 

Hey , look over here. Sealed     I'm (Cool) letting you in on a secret that the whole world is about to notice.  Don't you miss out on the beginning of one really good career in your own backyard. 

Unfortunately Aaron Gray might just play for 3 minutes. Cry  That I apologize for. 

But what if I promised a championship?  Embarassed

The NBA, where Number Seven happens.Surprised


P.S. read what I wrote 5 months ago about the kid.  http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

yeah, it is that easy to see.  JUST WATCH!


Posted on: January 17, 2009 3:16 pm

I wish, I wish, Angelo Would Choke On A Fish

This is nonsense. Jerry Angelo is the problem. We need to take a page out of the Buccaneers play book and fire the Gm and Head Coach and go another way. Think about what has transpired in the past 2 weeks.

1 - Fire D-line coach, Linebackers Coach, Secondary Coach. Keep awful Defensive Coordinator employed.

2 - Hire worst coach in history of football. ( I dont care if its to wash towels, he still got employed by the Bears)

3 - Tommie "Everything Hurts but doctors cant detect it" harris gets a 6.667 million dollar bonus.

4 - Angelo says publicly he doesn't like Kyle Orton and its one of his main focuses in the offseason.


Are you effing kidding me?! What a grand opportunity to cut the overpaid, overhyped Harris AND save some money that could have been spent somewhere else. But I guess Angelo would have just spent money on a quarterback we don’t need. Joe Montana couldn’t help this receiving core! After Matt Forte, Robbie Gould, Devin Hester, Lance Briggs, Patrick Mannelly, Brad Maynard and Josh Beekman, Kyle Orton is the most solid consistent player we have. Not to mention he does it with very little blocking from St. Clair and Kruetz and NO HELP FROM HIS RECIEVERS! Rashied Davis can't catch, Marty Booker was old when he left for Miami, Brandon Lloyd can’t stay healthy or make San Francisco's or Washington's stellar receiving corps, and everyone that believes Devin Hester is Steve Smith is simply dreaming. Hester is closer to Wes Welker with deep speed, but to say he is like Steve Smith is ridiculous. Steve Smith knows how to position and battle for deep balls as well (If not better because of his size) as Larry Fitzgerald. Devin Hester knows how to run fast. Sure Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen can catch and move the chains, but you can’t create a great offense through Tight Ends. Just ask Kansas City. Would you rather have Tony Gonzales and Dewayne Bowe or Owen Daniels and Andre Johnson?


My point is, jerry Angelo is off his rocker if he believes bringing in any free agent quarterback or some overhyped rookie like Stafford or Sanchez is going to improve the quarterback position. Byron Leftwich? Really? Jesus. Angelo should just ignore the position and focus on what he is good at, drafting lineman in bunches. He really is making me sick.




5 Things I think I think...

1 - Mirranelli as a defensive line coach is better than him in a decision making role. It just looks so bad in headlines.

2 - This college basketball season is ridiculous! You thought the NFL had parity, now the 30th ranked team is as good as a top 5 team. Not to mention the teams you never heard of being as good as the top 20 teams. Anyone can win as long as they are at home.

3 - I hate Duke more than ever, but damn they are good. They never stop hustlin!

4 - Lebron is the best player of all time. I told you so.

5 - I am cheering hard for the Cardinals this weekend. The same with the Ravens. Can’t wait for that Eagles - Steelers Super Bowl...

Super Bowl XLIII....gay

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Week 17 and the Bears are still alive! Ugh...

  So we beat the Packers on MNF 20-17 in overtime and we are one game and very little help from making the playoffs.  Why am I not excited you ask?  For one, I had to work a midnight shift without the benefits of ESPN television.  and for two...  I'll let the texts I recieved during the game (Plus some choice Jeff Joniak quotes) explain my feelings...  
  •  7:30 PM Boomer is such a windbag - db
  •  7:57 maniella! - melissa
  •  8:00 he sacked rodgers! - melissa
  •  8:14 I thought you were going to the game - melissa
  •  8:19 Boo - melissa
  •  8:23 U know what would have been more magnificent? A 52 yd fg - DB
  •  8:24 ESPN just confirmed it. Amy Freeze is her real name. - melissa
  •  8:24 Oh well we cant kick from the 33 - db
  •  8:35 No pass rush its like little boys playing against men. - db
  •  8:37 Fake put and the fu*king Bears r so dumb they dont realize the backup qb is the safe guy clealy its a fake you retards - db 
  •  8:44 Fu*kin muffed punt was a TD. We still cant catch it - Cuz
  •  8:54 We punted. it hit blackmons foot, we recovered for a TD.   ruled to not touch him. d looks like sh*t. cant catch. were done. how can we be flat? FU*KLOVIE! - cuz
  •  8:57 Why do the Bears play like VAGINAS? - zack
  •  9:02 I know they're not good, but not showing up against our biggest rival with the season on the line? Cmon man! - Zack
  •  9:04 Orton Blows - db
  •  9:08 Any chance of Lovie getting in their asses in the locker room? Id say slim to none... - Zack
  •  9:17 Suck. no offense at all they got a half left to show me something. bear weather-ha. we have a dome team and we play outside - cuz
  •  9:20 I'm done watching the Bears this year - db
  •  9:21 I'm watching caddy shack - db
  •  9:22 I hope you didnt tivo this game - juju
  •  9:27 it might turn interesting now - juju
  •  9:29 Maybe.......... - cuz
  •  9:30 dont blow the city up - juju
  •  9:45 Is this 11 on 11 or 17 on 8? Is this shit regulation? - zack
  •  9:50 I'm about to blow something up. these guys blow. - juju
  •  10:04 we have 85 yards and theres ____ time left and the score is only 17-10! We are still in it! – Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:08 Bears offense 95 yds. 4th quarter. down 7. brown forte out. – cuz
  •  10:09 we have 105 yards and theres ____ time left and the score is only 17-10! We are still in it! – Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:12 He just came back - cuz
  •  10:15 He's looked slow. hester looks frozen no wrs. - cuz
  •  10:23 If hester still had it that was house. - zack
  •  10:26 yes I turned it on ill watch them settle for a fg - db
  •  10:28 Here's your season – Cuz
  •  10:30 Matt Forte! And we are tied at 17! - Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:31 Mother nature you are rediculous tonight! - Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:32 Love Forte - Cuz
  •  1032 And now the defense will be asked to make a stop – Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:32 I hate this team - juju
  •  10:35 then we dont cover the kick - Cuz
  •  10:39 you would think lovie wouldve learned not to squib kick after atl. What a dummy. - Yoshi
  •  10:39 Well Done bears its over - db
  •  10:43 Why do they do this - db
  •  10:43 BLOCKED! - Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:43 they wont die - Gouwens
  •  10:44 Noway were not there. - cuz
  •  10:47 It hit Urlacher! I've never seen that! We won the toss! – Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:48 LETS GO BEARS! LETS GO BEARS! LETS GO BEARS! - Soldier Field crowd
  •  10:55 damnit - db
  •  10:58 were bad, but we have heart - cuz
And there you have it.  Heart.  We have heart.  Old man strength.  Experience.  Whatever you want to call it.  The ability to come out and look like sh*t and still get the only thing that matters, the W.  The problem is on MNF we come out flat at home in Bears weather with our Playoff hopes on the line!  How is that possible!?  Lovie 'boring' Smith.  That is how.  Everyone knows it, but we are going to back into the playoffs, maybe get Arizona and one playoff win and Lovie might even get a raise.  This season is a nightmare.  A nine win nightmare.  What I wouldn't give for Mike Singletary.  I agree with DB, I'm going to go watch caddyshack.     Merry Christmas     Bears Humbug.
Posted on: December 15, 2008 3:26 am
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Give me Back My Shoes!

Its been done to death so I'll keep it short and sweet.  This is my wish list from you, Mr. Santy Clause.  Please help 2009 be a year that will forever be remembered for....I'm a Man!  SHow Me THE MONEY!

  • The Bears Jersey that I purchased in March when Jerry Angelo signed that special free agent that blew up nfl.com and the requests for said players Bears replica jersey.  Wouldn't that be nice just once?  Pst...  Here's a hint, Jerry...  ANQUAN BOLDIN! 
  • A Pick from John Paxson that doesn't take a 1% miracle to make sense.  A center not named Aaron I like basketball : }Gray.   Or, God forbid, a free agent!  (Is Chicago really that bad?)






  • How about a real college Champion in a sport other than basketball?  I bet these teams might enjoy this...

                                      BALL U!Ohio State?  Really?Utah?  Why?Bama?USC?This is lame...

Look, so many teams a tournament could break out!

  • And last but not least, I would love for The U! to get their swagger back by using more force on the football field than they use on the basketball court. What had happen?R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  We Soldiers! Whatever happened to the glory days?





And since you travel around the world in one night, Mr. Clause, do you think I could get back my Nike Obama's from Mr. President?

Who throws a shoe?  Honestly!



Thanks Santa....


P.S.  San Diego State?  Oh, I get it...

Posted on: November 24, 2008 10:58 pm

Derrick Rose Is The Real Deal, The Bulls Are Not

10 Things I saw after 20 minutes of Bulls basketball the other night against the Denver Nuggets  God is an awful person to look at.  see? 10 - Joakhim Noah is an awful human being.  someone you wouldn’t want to show up at your party, be in your class, text you, or set a pick for you.  His hair is awful, he's a whinny bitch and he thinks he’s playing soccer with all that awful flopping.   Plus he looks like a guy at your local Y who eats nothing but fast food, gets on the treadmill for 10 minutes, walks around by the water cooler for 15 then calls it a day.  What with those scrawny arms and beer gut. Part of the crew! part of the Ship!
  1. 9 - Drew Gooden is as dumb as his beard looks like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean.  I just picture him chanting "Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship!"  to get guys jacked before a game.  Also, he is the dumbest basketball IQ on the team and maybe any team hes ever played on.  Thank God he can knock down any shot and he’s 6' 9". 
8 - Stacey King is a closet homo.  I just get that feeling.

7 - Vinny Del Negro looks like someone is holding his kids hostage and if the bulls lose he will lose one of his children.  The problem is he doesn’t have a clue as how to get any of the 12 players on the team to play well with one another.  One of his kids will soon be dead.

6 - Aaron Gray is dumber than Matt Damon in South Park.  He was awful @ Pitt, and....  That’s it.  Now he's awful here.

5 - Larry Hughes is so jealous of Derrick Rose that he won't pass him the ball or even look in his general direction.  He feels like someone should give him 80 million dollars and treat him like the franchise superstar.  Example.  In the 2nd Quarter, Derrick Rose crossed over 3 Nuggets, spun into a double team, then faded away, hung, got fouled by Kliza and made the 12 footer.  Amazing play.  Showed extreme talent, body control, ball control and the ability to create.  THE NEXT TRIP DOWN THE COURT, Hughes brings the ball up, dribbles right, sees Rose open in the corner, tries to spin into the lane and cross over his one defender, loses control of the ball and Denver has 2 points before Hughes could figure out what just happened and why he didn’t score.  Showed, selfishness, lack of talent, poor decision making and selfishness.  It was really awful.  In fact, this sequence of events has made me hate Larry Hughes more than anyone in the last 10 years of Bulls Basketball.

4 - Except when John Paxon selected Aaron Gray.

3 - Ben Gordon is the only player on the Bulls that can create his own shot and is better when someone makes him shoot awkwardly than give him a nice set, open 16 footer.  The more out of control he gets, the better he is at making a shot.  I wish he played defense.  Can't we teach that?  Cuz if we could...

2 - I would be all about getting rid of that cracker.  what’s his face?  Heimlich?  He’s already fading from memory....

1 - Derrick Rose is the real deal.  will have a better career than Beasley, will soon be mentioned in the same breathe as Chris Paul, Derron Williams, and any other guard you can think of.  He has the burst, the handles, the shot making ability, the Lebron-like (I said Like!) athleticism, the whole package.  He looks like he’s playing at a different speed compared to the other 8 or 9 guys on the court.  He's rare.    I just hope Larry Hughes' selfishness, Drew Gooden and Vinny Del Negro's cluelessness, and John Paxon's talent evaluation don't screw his head up too bad.   This kid is gonna be a great one.  
Posted on: September 11, 2008 11:58 am

Week 1 @ Indy

First of all, what a nice stadium.  Too bad Colts fans get to go to Lucas every week.  Loud too.  Rewatching the game on television sure didnt do the place justice.  If Colts fans can make an arena sound noisy, imagine what it would be like in a real city for real fans.

What I saw in week 1 from the south end zone of Lucas Oil Field was a team of extraordinary talent that has super bowl and playoff experience at most positions.  And I'm not talking about the depleted Colts.  The Bears defense is back to their Super Bowl form, and, if it wasn't for numerous injuries last year, would have never left their old form and this game would not have been such a surprise to the public.  The key is health.  Mike Brown must stay healthy and so must Tommie Harris.  The one good thing that came from last years devestating injuries is the organizations realization of their lack of depth in the middle of the line and in the secondary. 

The special teams are still the best in the biz.  moving on...

The offense has the talent to move the football enough (with the short fields provided by Hester)  to put 17 points a game up.  My only question is, "Will someone block?"  Noone blocked last year and it was awful.  Benson kept falling down on his own and Grossman kept back pedling.  I think both sides were to blame and used each other as an excuse but since half of that offensive roster is gone, a new attitude will emerge.  Kyle Orton will be the leader of this.  his pocket prescence allows his O-line to trust his decision making and their ability to push people away from him (instead of into him like Grossman).  While their may not be any superstars at the Wide out position, the recievers block down field in the running game and Olsen and Clark at the TE position are the best 1-2 combo in the league when it comes to size and speed. 

That said, Matt Forte is the key that can unlock the door to another terrific season like 06.  If the kid can stay healthy and consistantly do 80% of what he did Sunday night in Indy (looked explosive and reminded me of a faster Thomas Jones) then this offense is gonna be scrappy and move footballs.

Now if they can just stay healthy...

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