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Posted on: December 24, 2008 6:36 am
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Week 17 and the Bears are still alive! Ugh...

  So we beat the Packers on MNF 20-17 in overtime and we are one game and very little help from making the playoffs.  Why am I not excited you ask?  For one, I had to work a midnight shift without the benefits of ESPN television.  and for two...  I'll let the texts I recieved during the game (Plus some choice Jeff Joniak quotes) explain my feelings...  
  •  7:30 PM Boomer is such a windbag - db
  •  7:57 maniella! - melissa
  •  8:00 he sacked rodgers! - melissa
  •  8:14 I thought you were going to the game - melissa
  •  8:19 Boo - melissa
  •  8:23 U know what would have been more magnificent? A 52 yd fg - DB
  •  8:24 ESPN just confirmed it. Amy Freeze is her real name. - melissa
  •  8:24 Oh well we cant kick from the 33 - db
  •  8:35 No pass rush its like little boys playing against men. - db
  •  8:37 Fake put and the fu*king Bears r so dumb they dont realize the backup qb is the safe guy clealy its a fake you retards - db 
  •  8:44 Fu*kin muffed punt was a TD. We still cant catch it - Cuz
  •  8:54 We punted. it hit blackmons foot, we recovered for a TD.   ruled to not touch him. d looks like sh*t. cant catch. were done. how can we be flat? FU*KLOVIE! - cuz
  •  8:57 Why do the Bears play like VAGINAS? - zack
  •  9:02 I know they're not good, but not showing up against our biggest rival with the season on the line? Cmon man! - Zack
  •  9:04 Orton Blows - db
  •  9:08 Any chance of Lovie getting in their asses in the locker room? Id say slim to none... - Zack
  •  9:17 Suck. no offense at all they got a half left to show me something. bear weather-ha. we have a dome team and we play outside - cuz
  •  9:20 I'm done watching the Bears this year - db
  •  9:21 I'm watching caddy shack - db
  •  9:22 I hope you didnt tivo this game - juju
  •  9:27 it might turn interesting now - juju
  •  9:29 Maybe.......... - cuz
  •  9:30 dont blow the city up - juju
  •  9:45 Is this 11 on 11 or 17 on 8? Is this shit regulation? - zack
  •  9:50 I'm about to blow something up. these guys blow. - juju
  •  10:04 we have 85 yards and theres ____ time left and the score is only 17-10! We are still in it! – Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:08 Bears offense 95 yds. 4th quarter. down 7. brown forte out. – cuz
  •  10:09 we have 105 yards and theres ____ time left and the score is only 17-10! We are still in it! – Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:12 He just came back - cuz
  •  10:15 He's looked slow. hester looks frozen no wrs. - cuz
  •  10:23 If hester still had it that was house. - zack
  •  10:26 yes I turned it on ill watch them settle for a fg - db
  •  10:28 Here's your season – Cuz
  •  10:30 Matt Forte! And we are tied at 17! - Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:31 Mother nature you are rediculous tonight! - Jeff Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:32 Love Forte - Cuz
  •  1032 And now the defense will be asked to make a stop – Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:32 I hate this team - juju
  •  10:35 then we dont cover the kick - Cuz
  •  10:39 you would think lovie wouldve learned not to squib kick after atl. What a dummy. - Yoshi
  •  10:39 Well Done bears its over - db
  •  10:43 Why do they do this - db
  •  10:43 BLOCKED! - Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:43 they wont die - Gouwens
  •  10:44 Noway were not there. - cuz
  •  10:47 It hit Urlacher! I've never seen that! We won the toss! – Joniak 780 WBBM
  •  10:48 LETS GO BEARS! LETS GO BEARS! LETS GO BEARS! - Soldier Field crowd
  •  10:55 damnit - db
  •  10:58 were bad, but we have heart - cuz
And there you have it.  Heart.  We have heart.  Old man strength.  Experience.  Whatever you want to call it.  The ability to come out and look like sh*t and still get the only thing that matters, the W.  The problem is on MNF we come out flat at home in Bears weather with our Playoff hopes on the line!  How is that possible!?  Lovie 'boring' Smith.  That is how.  Everyone knows it, but we are going to back into the playoffs, maybe get Arizona and one playoff win and Lovie might even get a raise.  This season is a nightmare.  A nine win nightmare.  What I wouldn't give for Mike Singletary.  I agree with DB, I'm going to go watch caddyshack.     Merry Christmas     Bears Humbug.
Posted on: December 15, 2008 3:26 am
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Give me Back My Shoes!

Its been done to death so I'll keep it short and sweet.  This is my wish list from you, Mr. Santy Clause.  Please help 2009 be a year that will forever be remembered for....I'm a Man!  SHow Me THE MONEY!

  • The Bears Jersey that I purchased in March when Jerry Angelo signed that special free agent that blew up nfl.com and the requests for said players Bears replica jersey.  Wouldn't that be nice just once?  Pst...  Here's a hint, Jerry...  ANQUAN BOLDIN! 
  • A Pick from John Paxson that doesn't take a 1% miracle to make sense.  A center not named Aaron I like basketball : }Gray.   Or, God forbid, a free agent!  (Is Chicago really that bad?)






  • How about a real college Champion in a sport other than basketball?  I bet these teams might enjoy this...

                                      BALL U!Ohio State?  Really?Utah?  Why?Bama?USC?This is lame...

Look, so many teams a tournament could break out!

  • And last but not least, I would love for The U! to get their swagger back by using more force on the football field than they use on the basketball court. What had happen?R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  We Soldiers! Whatever happened to the glory days?





And since you travel around the world in one night, Mr. Clause, do you think I could get back my Nike Obama's from Mr. President?

Who throws a shoe?  Honestly!



Thanks Santa....


P.S.  San Diego State?  Oh, I get it...

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